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Welcome Summer Seals!

This year 13 summer seals joined Sievo for the summertime. Despite the unusual Covid-19 situation the seals are now part of the Sievo family and they have thrived in their duties! Here are some greetings from a few of us:

"Sun is shining bright, and will hopefully stay like that throughout this summer! What's up y'all? I'm Rasmus, a Data Management Specialist and one of the Summer Seals 2020-edition.
In the eyes of the responsible, remote working is hot and office work is not, so people might feel like they are stuck in their homes. However, to liven things up for myself, I've started switching sides with my apartment's window every now and then. I get the best of both worlds: Inside, I have my so-called space station (it's just 3 monitors and an electric work table, really) which allows me to complete all technical-heavy tasks with ease, and outside, I can enjoy the fresh air and sun during the many Teams meetings, and get some tan while I'm at it!

Most of us are surely eager to get to the Sievo offices already, but while we are waiting for that, why not follow my lead and enjoy the change of scenery? Hoping to meet all the Sievonians F2F later!"

Rasmus Pekkarinen, Data Management Specialist

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"Hi, there! Summer Seals have now officially arrived at Sievo. You may notice the comfortable slippers I get to wear at the home office, which is pretty awesome. Despite the unusual way of starting at a new job and not meeting colleagues face-to-face, we newcomers were welcomed with open arms.
The first week was full of virtual meetings, introductions to Sievo’s different functions, and learning by asking a lot of questions. It amazes me, how quickly we are given responsibility and projects to work on. I am excited to discover what summer at Sievo holds!" ☀️

Aino Häkkinen, Sales Specialist

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"Here is Elena, People Trainee and a Summer Seal. Almost half of the summer has already passed (whhaaaat?) and the past two months have been busy, full of new things and also fun! My special task during the summer is to write my master's thesis about onboarding. The writing is ok but what makes it really interesting is the fact that I can apply the theory when developing the onboarding which is one of my responsibilities at People team. The current situation also makes it possible to go to the office once a week, which I have enjoyed to the fullest. It is wonderful to meet all the awesome Sievonians finally face-to-face!"

Elena Pitkänen, People trainee 




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