10 + 1 strategies for procurement to forge its path in a crisis

Companies respond differently to crises depending on their past experiences and level of readiness for a disaster. Even when business continuity plans are in place it’s common for people to feel anxious and avoid making decisions. Do they employ fight...

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Mikael Hellström

Procurement, Solutions

The Roadmap to Measure Real Savings for Indirect Spend

I was having discussions a few weeks back with one of our clients regarding actual savings calculation where you calculate how much of the savings you have claimed actually hit the bottom line.

Jereme Pineda

Spend Analysis, Solutions

Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 3: Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden world of advanced spend analysis. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

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