Cost Reduction Strategies in Procurement

In this series freelance author and supply chain expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in procurement. This post has some edits by the Sievo team. 

Cost reduction usually refers to cost savings made during a purchasing process. It is much more...

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Veera Leskinen

Sievo Friends

Turning Insights into Action at Sievo X Friends

Summer is slowly but steadily approaching and so is our flagship event Sievo X Friends. Some of our clients are probably familiar with the event and are asking why did we slightly change the name?...

Lari Numminen

Sievo Friends, News

SievoFriends 2018: Towards Automated, Transparent Procurement

The past, present and future met in Helsinki yesterday in the friendliest procurement event of the year. Customers, partners and Sievonians from across the world gathered in Teurastamo, a former...

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