What is maverick spend and how to reduce it?

Maverick spend is the action of purchasing from suppliers outside pre-established procurement policy. Maverick spend can be defined as off-contract spend or buying from non-preferred suppliers.  Across all types of organizations, there is a wide range...

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Erkki Paunonen

Procurement, Sievo Friends

Procurement: The Best is Yet to Come with Roy Anderson (SievoFriends 2021 Keynote)

How it’s always been

If you could build your organization from the ground up, would it look like the one you have today? - Roy Anderson, SievoFriends 2021

For the last thirty years, the driving...

Erkki Paunonen

Sievo Friends

How to level up the impact of procurement: Agility, connectivity, and partnership | SievoFriends 2021

SievoFriends is our annual event for our customers and partners. SievoFriends 2021 was our 12th consecutive yearly event, and second year as a virtual event. We welcomed 18 guest speakers from...

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