Measuring procurement performance: a complete list of KPIs

Procurement key performance indicators (KPIs), also called metrics, are designed to measure performance and effectiveness of procurement management. Procurement KPI is a measurable value that tracks all relevant aspects of purchasing or acquiring...

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Erkki Paunonen

Sievo Friends

How to level up the impact of procurement: Agility, connectivity, and partnership | SievoFriends 2021

SievoFriends is our annual event for our customers and partners. SievoFriends 2021 was our 12th consecutive yearly event, and second year as a virtual event. We welcomed 18 guest speakers from...

Monica Suarez Galindo

Sievo Friends, Sievo Culture

8 Tips for Hosting Awesome Online Events

Just another day in March at the office. We were happy to have just finished the International Women’s Day 2020 video when suddenly we heard that the COVID-19 pandemic had officially hit all the...

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