Procurement Software in 2020: Best-of-Breed or All-in-One Solution? - Case Boliden

Any procurement organization undergoing procurement transformation needs to make important decisions on the type of software they use.

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Lari Numminen

Sievo Culture

Sievo's Year in Review: 19 Highlights from 2019

In the far north of Finland is a small place called Korvatunturi. It's a modest place, barely mentioned on the map. Few have ever heard of  this place but it holds a big secret. The home of Santa...

Janina Kurki

Sievo Culture

Travelling with the family – Sievo Trip 2019 to Krakow 

It’s definitely not a standard morning. The alarm is waking me up several hours earlier than normal, but still, don’t feel the tiredness. My bag is ready waiting and off I go. Couple train rides...

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