Is working with students worth the effort? 4 reasons we think it is

I’m often asked how we work with students at Sievo, and if it’s really worth the effort. My short answer is always: definitely yes! I wanted to write this post to share how we work with students at Sievo and what the benefits are.

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Janne Koskinen

Information security

Sievo Protects Data by Design

From the many GDPR-related emails we have all received this week, it should be no surprise to you that today is an important day for data privacy. Given the significance of this landmark day, I’d...

Pasi Viljanen

Procurement, Spend Analysis, Information security, Solutions

Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 1: Data Extraction

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden world of advanced spend analysis. Read Part 2 and Part 3.

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