Cost Reduction Strategies in Procurement

In this series freelance author and supply chain expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in procurement. This post has some edits by the Sievo team. 

Cost reduction usually refers to cost savings made during a purchasing process. It is much more...

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Ferrix Hovi

Development, Sievo Culture

#SIEVODEV: Turning the Big Ship Around

Sievo has a history of shedding its skin. Years ago, the product was a desktop application behind our customer’s firewall. It was originally written in Visual Basic by our founders. Now it’s a...

Markus Lauttia


Focus on Business Outcomes to Ensure Great Results from Development

Previously we blogged about having the correct tools for the task in our technology team. We briefly introduced the idea of having concepts on our enterprise Kanban, where a concept is a product idea...

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