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Sievo's Year in Review: 19 Highlights from 2019

In the far north of Finland is a small place called Korvatunturi. It's a modest place, barely mentioned on the map. Few have ever heard of  this place but it holds a big secret. The home of Santa Claus is the largest magical procurement operation in the world.

Every procurement professional can recognize that Santa's team handles hundreds of millions of RFQs from children around the world and delivers billions of toys to happy customers with a faultless delivery performance... and without screwing over a single supplier.

As we reflect on the past year at Sievo, it feels a bit like we too work with Santa in Korvatunturi. It's not gifts we create at Sievo but procurement analytics. Over 2019 we've moved forward leaps and bounds and the journey we're on with our customers and partners across the globe is nothing short of magical. Here are nineteen highlights from twenty-nineteen.

  1. Office expansion

In January we celebrated our latest office expansion in Helsinki, and just in time too!

Below you see some of our more recent joiners in the hallway connecting our Mikonkatu 15A and Kaisaniemenkatu 2B offices.


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2. Our first live podcast

Also in January we collaborated with Philip Ideson from the Art of Procurement for a live discussion about the emerging opportunity with artificial intelligence in procurement.

You can see below our unconventional invitiation to the event from the side of a football pitch.

3. Student excursions

We've got strong links to many student organizations and a number of our Sievonians keep close ties to their alma maters.

Below you can see the Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, more affectionately known as Prodeko visiting Sievo in the spring.


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4. Sparring with analysts

Analysts firms are important in helping make sense of the procurement software ecosystem.

In April we met with Spend Matters at the Institute of Supply Management's annual conference in Houston to collect our "50 Procurement Provides to Know in 2019" recognition.


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5. Scaling new heights with partners

In May we partnered with Scanmarket to help delegates at Procurement Leaders' World Procurement Congress scale new heights.

Below you can see photos of us literally on the top of the O2 Arena in London.

6. Meeting our customers in person

In early June we welcomed some of our valued customers and partners to our annual gathering of friends in Helsinki, Sievo X Friends.

Below you can see some of the video highlights.

7. Crafting our own brew

In June we also released our first ever brews of Sievo beers.

Both our Friendly Pilsner and Insightful Procurement Analytics (IPA) had their fans, and the beers made their way to different kinds of gatherings throughout the summer.


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8. Opening of our own sauna

We've got proud nordic roots, so it shouldn't surprise you that many of us like to sweat it off in a traditional Finnish sauna.

Over the summer we opened a new sauna in Helsinki decorated to the brim with seal-related images designed by Elias Chafloque.

9. Expanding team in Chicago

While we don't have a sauna yet in Chicago, our office space got a bit sweaty at times as we needed to expand to larger and larger rooms.

Over this year we've seen many new faces in our Chicago office. Luckily, there is no need to sweat anymore in the expanded office.


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10. Keeping fit together

We like to challenge each other mentally and sometimes even physically.

This year we saw a colleague crush the Chicago Marathon and our Helsinki team rise to the challenge in the Helsinki Company Marathon relay.


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11. Giving a challenge to new talent

Over the summer we welcomed twelve very talented Summer Seals to the fold through our Summer Academy program.

This wasn't your usual student internship, as we like to challenge and be challenged by the best talent.

12. Explaining what we actually do

We've been working with procurement analytics for a long time but we've always found it hard to explain what we do to friends and family.

So, this year we decided to make a 8 minute long documentary on the topic. It's not your usual documentary, though. See it below, we think you'll like it!

13. Celebrating our customers' success

Over the year we've seen great stories of our customers achieving amazing results with their analytics.

You can read in Supply Chain Dive how Cimpress leveraged analytics to reduce procurement costs by 11%  or watch Mark Roth from Hero Group talk about their journey with Sievo.

In the Digital Procurement World in Amsterdam we were proud to share how we have supported Schindler's digital transformation journey.

14. Growing number of friends in the Americas

It's no secret that we're seeing a lot of enthusiasm for our flavor of procurement analytics in the Americas.

In September we welcomed more customers than ever to our annual customer event in Chicago. See some of the video highlights below.

15. Our annual weekend get-away

At Sievo we have a tradition of leaving the office each year for a weekend trip together.

Below you can find a summary from this year's  trip to  Krakow.

16. New roles and responsibilities

At Sievo we embrace the concept of the career playground, where all Sievonians can explore new roles and challenges.

The opportunity to swap jobs also applies to our leadership team. This year we saw our co-founders swap the role of CEO.

17. Publishing our latest book

Some of us are quite booky and literate folks.

Over the years we've actually published three different books. Our latest "AI in Procurement" was released in the end of the year.

18. Giving thanks for a busy year

2019 has been a busy year as we've started collaborating with a large number of new customers and partners.

We're grateful that we're finishing the year with many more friends than we started. This year we sent almost 2x more holiday greetings around the world.

19. Embracing 2020

By no means our final highlight, but the last one on our list today...

This week we partnered up with riskmethods to look ahead to the New Year.

2019 was a thrill and we're excited to embrace 2020!

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