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SievoFriends 2016 - the Future is Now

Once again in beginning of June was that great moment of the year when Sievo friends, customers, prospects and partners gathered in Helsinki to meet and hear about the latest Sievo developments, interesting customer cases and inspiring external speakers. It was also a historical moment for Sievo, when our longest customer UPM reached the 10-year mark together with us. Thank you UPM!

The event was held in the famous old Katajannokka prison, nowadays repurposed as a Hotel. The participants were very excited about the venue because at least for most of us, it was the first visit to such a place.

If you want to sum the day into one sentence, you could say: ‘The future is now’. Predictive analysis, data transparency, digitalization, and utilization of big data are not buzzwords anymore but something that is on the Procurement agenda big time! Companies like Schindler are utilizing contract information to predict future price development. Or at ISS, when meeting a customer, they can show transparently all qualified and contracted sub-contractors supplying that specific customer. UPM gather all their future actions in one common way to get a forward looking realistic cost savings funnel. We are not only talking about backward looking spend analysis anymore, but utilizing the data into something totally different, which creates value for the whole company.

We are not only talking about utilizing a company’s own data. What if you could benchmark your KPI’s against other Sievo customers and compare performance? This is in the near future and will to a large extent benefit all of Sievo customers. Also social media and other relevant data sources on the web like Glassdoor or Call Journey can give you crucial insight about suppliers you are negotiating with. Are their workers happy, what is the mood of the counterpart from discussions by phone, is there something happening in the supplier’s market that might have an impact on the meeting etc.

There is a lot of data out there and it’s a matter of finding the relevant data to transform into valuable information and this requires totally different talents than negotiation skills. As Kai Nowosel from Accenture said in his presentation, he would not invest a single euro in negotiation skills anymore, but rather in improving the analytical skills of the personnel, because that will be key to becoming a successful Procurement professional in the future.

After a very exciting day we gathered around for a nice dinner at Restaurant Savu on one of the Islands nearby Helsinki. The food was tasty, everybody enjoyed the atmosphere and the participants were introduced to the “Finnish petanque” game called “Mölkky”. This became a great success and there are rumors that at least a Swedish national team has been established after the day.

We want to thank you all for joining and hope to see you again next year!

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