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Sievo Receives Eurostars Funding for Big Data Project

Sievo has received Eurostars grant funding for a new project to elevate procurement efficiency with the use of big data methods.

Sievo is a leading provider of procurement analytics software and solutions. Sievo will participate in the European Union backed Eurostars programme in collaboration with the Chalmers University of Technology to develop a new Procurement Big Data (PBD) software solution.

”At Sievo we have for some time now been exploring new opportunities in advanced analytics and big data. The Procurement Big Data project is one of the concrete steps we take to realize our vision for the future of procurement analytics” says Sievo CEO and co-founder Matti Sillanpää.

About Sievo:

Sievo is the leading Spend Management software provider. Our SaaS solution helps our customers identify more savings, translates these opportunities into projects, embeds created value into budgets, and ensures that savings truly hit the bottom line. In short, we help our clients to manage savings life cycle from idea to cash.

We provide Spend Analysis, but also go far beyond that. We complement category view with actionable project perspective; we look not only backward, but also forward. We look at internal performance and also benchmark against market movements. We speak the language of procurement and translate numbers into the financial view.


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