How Sievo is improving end user experience

Consumerization is growingly influencing B2B services by raising the bar customers set for user experience (UX) design. As customers get to experience extensively polished user interfaces and simple services in their daily life, the demand for a similar experience in their work-life B2B applications in is rising. The B2C juggernauts, such as Facebook and Uber, top-of-the-line user experiences, is a creating for the call for a similar approach towards the much more complex B2B tools.

We here at Sievo have started adopting the UX development methods used in B2C context and are putting significant emphasis in furthering our overall UX. The key to making this happen is the daily Sievo users. A right toolset in adopting a user-centric development mindset is utilizing Service Design methodologies. One of the critical components in this toolset is listening to the users both proactively and through feedback, and reacting to their opinion by adjusting our development roadmap.

Better User Experience in Procurement Software Croissants and user experience design workshops have proved a winning combination with Sievonians

As we have been working to define the Sievo service design methodology to bring out the user's voice, we have noticed that there is a demand for an accessible, versatile yet straightforward user interface. A user interface that supports user goals is the ultimate target for almost every UX designer and getting there is a journey. To achieve this goal, we need to start working in phases. Having an iterative and reactive approach helps us design smaller details on the fly while making critical changes when there is a need.

The first phase in improving the Sievo UX is to modernize the user interface. As you might have noticed, all the apps you use on your phone are very simplistic in their design. We are currently working on a modern looking design that will help users focus on essential information. The first step in achieving this is by decluttering and harmonizing our user interfaces to highlight most-needed information.

To achieve this goal, we need your opinion. We want to hear from you, the Sievo userbase, on how we can start improving our user interface to bring better user experiences to the forefront.

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