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Sievo is a Great Place to Work, Again in 2018!

For the third consecutive year Sievo has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Finland. We retained our lucky #7 ranking out of all Finnish mid-sized companies in 2018.

A high ranking in the Great Place to Work Institute's list of best workplaces is a reflection of Sievo's unique culture and family-like atmosphere. In the words of one Sievonian surveyed for the Great Place to Work: "I feel like I'm among family when I go to work, and that makes me want to go back to the office every day."

We take pride in being an exceptionally diverse group of procurement nerds and data-huggers who genuinely enjoy working with each other. Some of our highlights over the past year include a team off-site to Prague and setting up a remote office in Greece to escape the dark Finnish November.

Over the past year the number of Sievonians has almost doubled, and it is a top priority going into the next year that we continue to grow without turning into corporate assholes.

We're looking to fill a number of strategic roles in both our Helsinki and Chicago offices with no Finnish skills required. For more information see Sievo Careers.

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Sievo Culture

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