Sievo continues to be a Value Leader

We're excited to share that Sievo has maintained it's position as a recognized Value Leader in Spend Matters' Q1 SolutionMap for Spend and Procurement Analytics.

Source: Spend Matters Q1 2019 Spend and Procurement Analytics SolutionMap. For more information, see

What are SolutionMaps?

Spend Matters’ SolutionMap is the most extensive independent benchmark of procurement analytics software solution providers.

“We’ve designed SolutionMap to aid the practitioner so they may better understand and analyze the customer experiences, market developments and technological innovation of the myriad solution providers by process competency,” as Jason Busch, Founder of Spend Matters and Lead Solution Analyst, introduces the benchmark.

Recognized Value Leader in Procurement Analytics

As Sievo continues to bring new ideas to the forefront of the competitive Spend and Procurement Analytics market, Sievo's position as the Value Leader has been solidified. In the latest research, Sievo has maintained it's status as the value leader in all five buyer personas. "We're happy to see that we are still the value leaders in all of the 5 buyer personas for this year", said Sammeli Sammalkorpi, Co-Founder and VP of Customers. "We are excited to start our year with this result and look forward to provide new developments to our best-of-breed procurement analytics solution. We aim to keep our position and provide our clients the best value in the whole Procurement Analytics sphere"



Sievo is validated on the SolutionMap


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About Spend Matters 

Spend Matters is the leading solution intelligence source for procurement and supply chain professionals. Combining deep technology analysis and tailored advisory services with daily news coverage and subscription research, Spend Matters is trusted by CPOs, consultants, investors and solution providers alike as their procurement technology intelligence partner.

About Sievo

Sievo is a global leader in procurement analytics software and solutions. Our AI-powered spend analysis software combines the best elements of human and machine learning to deliver more reliable spend visibility, faster. With decades of experience partnering with businesses like Carlsberg Breweries, Deutsche Telekom and ISS World Services, Sievo specializes in proving procurement savings on the bottom line and developing forward-looking views through procurement spend forecasting.

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Breaking the Latest SolutionMap Results

Over the past year we've covered Spend Matters' SolutionMaps in detail. As the most extensive independent benchmarks of procurement analytics solutions, SolutionMaps offer quarterly sense-checks on how we perform compare to other software vendors.

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