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Relive Sievo X Friends Once More

Our annual customer event, Sievo X Friends, was held on the 5th and 6th of June in beautiful Helsinki city, where we got to meet close to a hundred of our Sievo friends. The event was almost a month ago but we cannot stop being excited about it - especially now that our after movies are finished!

This blog post is for you who wants to relive the event or alternatively see how much fun you missed out on. In case you're still wondering why to join us next year, here you can find eight marvellous reasons to join in on the event. 

The two-day event consisted of the so-called Insight day and Action day. Although the two days have their differences, both finished in a sunny Helsinki along with new friends and our Sievo beer. 

The Insight day was full of great presentations, food, and discussions. This year, in addition to Sievo's own speakers, we got the chance to listen to presentations from Yara, Telenor, and Cimpress. We also got to hear about combining sustainability and procurement at Danone and learn about the reality of AI from Antti Merilehto, an expert in artificial intelligence. So without further ado, here it is, the after movie of day one!

During Action day we got to experience a tour of Oodi, the brand-new architectural beauty of Helsinki, in addition to great talks and workshops. This year our workshops' subjects included, for instance, sustainability, improvements in user experience, and product development. Experience day two once more by watching the video below.

All in all, insightful speeches and workshops, touring Helsinki, laughs with new friends, and a ton of hugs with Jaxu made for the perfect event.

And although there is nothing like the summer of Helsinki, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Therefore, us getting perfect sunny weather was the cherry on top of the amazing event. Thank you once more for all our friends who joined us! And those of you who didn't: see you next year! ;)

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