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A year ago we launched a new book describing Procurement’s Love for Finance. Behind this catchy headline there was a key point: procurement should prove its contribution to finance with love and hard data.

Love is important because procurement and finance share the same goals but different viewpoints. Our book outlines how procurement can take lead to bridge the gap and form a loving collaboration with finance.

Hard data is important because it is the basis for trust in business. The book outlines a number of concrete ways procurement can use data to demonstrate and drive impact on the financial bottom line.

Procurement Finance Collaboration We include "Procurement Love" stickers with every book we send around the world.

In Procurement Loves Finance you’ll learn that the relationship between procurement and finance requires patience. You can’t focus just on love or data, you need balance and a willingness to collaborate.

It’s clear something about this book hit a nerve in the procurement community in the first year since publication. Here are a few highlights:

  • We’ve handed out over a thousand copies of the printed book in procurement events across the world. The reaction has been the same in Nashville, London, Houston or Stockholm – people are tired of sales pamphlets and hungry for a good story.
  • Our customers have requested dozens of copies to be shared with colleagues across their own procurement teams as well as the c-suite. One customer was embarrassed to ask for 20 copies for a quarterly team kick-off. Sharing more books was no problem and our pleasure!
  • Visitors to our website have downloaded thousands of pdf-copies of the book.
  • We’ve sent physical copies of the book in the mail to over 200 cities across the globe. Most have gone to Western Europe and North America, but we’ve also recently sent copies to more exotic locations from the Maldives to Mongolia.

Global Procurement and Finance We keep track of book requests on a pin-board. After 200 pins we're running out of space!


We're confident that this is one of the most popular books in procurement and thanks to its global appeal we're already working on a sequel. You'll need to stay tuned for more details.

Are you ready to prove your love to finance?

You can get your own copy here: Procurement Loves Finance.

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