Predict Future Profitability- Sievo Whiteboard Session #4

Have you always wondered how your profitability would look like in the future?

Get a glimpse as Sammeli Sammalkorpi takes you on a short ride on how to create a forward-looking view on spend, prices and volumes and on procurement's impact on profitability using Spend Forecasting in this Whiteboard Session with Sievo.

Ready to learn more? Press play.

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3 Procurement Insights Found When Analyzing Over $800 Billion of Spend

Two weeks ago Sievo launched the first benchmarking solution based on real procurement data. Peer Benchmarking provides Procurement executives on-demand access to peer benchmarking metrics to identify performance gaps and optimization opportunities. With...

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The Road to Spend Forecasting and the Endless Possibilities

In the procurement domain, I feel like Spend Forecasting is the most underused analytical component. While everyone agrees that it would be wonderful to predict the future costs, few are willing to implement proper tools for it. Perhaps we feel that...

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