What is maverick spend and how to reduce it?

Maverick spend is the action of purchasing from suppliers outside pre-established procurement policy. Maverick spend can be defined as off-contract spend or buying from non-preferred suppliers.  Across all types of organizations, there is a wide range...

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Ville Tukiainen

Development, News

How to design delightful services that users love?

Ville Tukiainen is the Head of Service Desing at Sievo with a passion for turning end user’s needs into services they love. With an AD background and decade of experience in software...

Jasmiina Toikka

Head of Content at Sievo

Procurement, RFP-process

A Complete Guide to RFP: a Guide to Successful Contract Handover

This blog is a part of our “Complete guide to RFP” blog series, where we share our insights regarding the RFP process. We at Sievo have participated in hundreds of RFPs in recent years and we...

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