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On The Magic Connecting Customers, Employees and Product

CUSTOMERS. EMPLOYEES. PRODUCT. That’s the holy trinity of a SaaS-company. Anything meaningful taking place in a growing SaaS-company involves at least the two of the above (company parties might be the exception that makes the rule).

But, it’s really when all three components are combined, that the true magic happens. When customer and employees come together to implement (not to discuss, but to implement!) improvements in existing product. And when those improvements in the product are taken into use for other customers, creating concrete benefits now-and-here. That very basic feedback loop where product acts as a medium for scalable benefits is at the very core of SaaS business model.

Contextual understanding comes from real-life, working experience

The core of the solution are the employees who, while perhaps specializing in a certain skill, have enough contextual understanding to know when to initiate focused discussion. When person at customer interface understands that a customer request could be solved by relatively small software improvement, and that this improvement would yield benefits to many clients. When person developing product understands that certain improvement might actually have unintended negative side-consequences for a cluster of clients. Typical to these findings is that, when discussed with all facts on the table, the situation is no-brainer, course of action is clear. The challenge is, how to create these relevant discussions in the first place – and avoid other 99 discussions which seem similar, but fail to have true value for customers and employees. And, it’s the people who have enough context understanding who are the solution.

If you’re looking to develop a solid understanding of both customers and product in a SaaS company, there is no better place to start than as a presales consultant. At Sievo we’ve found presales to be an excellent place for young talented individuals to quickly grasp the comprehensive picture and gain deep understanding of customers and product.

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