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Not another boring video about procurement

One week ago, if you would’ve placed on YouTube the words “Procurement Analytics”, the first results you would’ve spotted were a bunch of long Excel recordings and 53 minute-webinars.

We thought that it was enough of boring content. So, we decided that it was time to break the procurement as we know it and create a video that, in a simple-fun way, could explain what the heck is procurement analytics. (An explainer video so easy to understand, that we can finally send to all those friends and family that till today have NO idea what on earth we really do)

4 days after we published the video on YouTube, it is already the first thing you see when you search for 'procurement analytics.'


The fun behind the scenes

The best part of a homemade video is the fun behind it. I cannot tell enough how many laughs we had in the process of this project. All of those killed the long editing hours for sure! And luckily, we got some of it recorded on camera.

From the first meeting of the script where we started to find procurement analytics comparisons in Dolly Parton, Modern Family and Lego, till eating a bunch of doughnuts/cake/chips after finishing recording bunnies out of a hat inside our homemade studio, it was a blast.

Without any doubts, further from the pre-production’s laughs, our awesome interviewees gave us the best moments:

Tea, strawberries and croissants with Liisa, Lari’s sweet mom. Liisa was so easy to direct and lovely in front and behind the cameras that we simply couldn’t go back to the office right away, so we kept hanging out with her for a little longer. We enjoyed every bit of her anecdotes during her days in the marketing field!

Random questions to Anna. Before starting interviews, we would make sure to ask odd questions as a warmup. We should’ve told her beforehand that we would include it on the video, though! Anyhow, the result was just on point. Anna delighted us with tons of ways to say hi.


In Heta’s case, we warmed up with her…in a bit of a different way. Let’s say, we counted on her experience as a spinning instructor.


“Where we are? (…) This is where all the magic & scary stuff happen. The dark side” – Jani

At this side of Sievo, you can find lots of surprises, including cheering moves and very curious Sievonians making it in front of the camera. I'm talking about the side where our coding teams do their magic. You could get surprised how loud this area can be; we needed to remake some shots a few times!


Here, we also found a happy-face ball. That combined with Sammeli, our soccer star in the office, was the perfect match (and the extra balloons, of course)


“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

For a long time, we’ve witnessed large paragraphs or non-dynamic content as a way to explain topics in procurement. We aim to change that. Today it was the video, but in the future, we’ll keep working on content that makes our audience happy to have that break to see what’s new and what’s next in the field.

Let’s follow Einstein’s logic on this one. If you want to be part of this movement, make sure you spread the word by sharing this video to the ones you think can take the most advantage of it. Who knows, maybe we could even attract more people into procurement!

My mom has already started. She was so happy to finally get what I do that she asked for subtitles in Spanish so that she can share it to the rest of the family! So yup, now you can also watch la magia del proceso de compras with subtitles in Spanish.

Disfruta, comenta y comparte!


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