Experience Feedbacker - Improving Customer Experience in Inventive Ways

The only way to create a truly intuitive user experience (UX) is to do it together with customers. For instance, the Service design methodology offers a great toolset for understanding what new services customers need and how they want to use these services. In general, designing great UX requires a mixture of research methods: both traditional questionnaires as well as qualitative research methods that help us dig deeper into customer needs and business processes.

One of these qualitative research methods we have introduced at Sievo is the experience feedbacker. It’s a box of cards customers use to log their experience and improvement suggestions alongside their daily Sievo use. Once done, they can simply mail the pre-payed postage box back to Sievo for analyzing.

You might ask why to go through the trouble of collecting manual feedback in this digital age. It all comes down to the broad set of methods we use to engage with our customers. A physical object is fun to use and does not interrupt your work as an online questionnaire would. The experience feedbacker also allows us to get more systematic feedback over time.

The results from the experience feedbacker will help us determine what customer processes Sievo currently serves well, and what we might want to develop further. It will also give valuable insights into how customers use different Sievo services. Combined with other user engagement methods, the experience feedbacker helps us design an exceptional user experience together with our customers.

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