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Chicago, We’re Here to Hire Your Best and Brightest!

I woke up today at around one in the morning. My body says it’s time to go to work. Obviously I am still jet-lagged, 8 hours ahead from the cold city of Helsinki. But even when I force myself to go back to bed, I just couldn’t seem to do it. I am wide awake, and eager to start my day. Excitement is even an understatement. I am ready to hunt for talent, the best of its kind. Right here, right now.

Sievo is bringing jobs to America – we are hiring in Chicago and enthused to scale up our operations in the US.

The Procurement Hub of US

Why Chicago you might ask? I went outside to get some air, and recognised a familiar scene. It feels just like home. But setting aside the uncanny resemblance to the weather in Helsinki, we have also considered other critical factors in the decision-making process. Being headquarters to many large multinational companies makes Chicago highly favourable and important for the procurement profession. As the global hub of procurement, we have considered this location a key to connect with purchasing professionals and supply chain executives led by the most innovative CPOs.

With this in mind, we are positive that we would be able to find the best talent that will help us become the global leader in Procurement Analytics. At Sievo, equipped with the best-of-breed technologies, we are committed and engaged to push the boundaries of procurement analytics, big data and AI.

Welcome to Our Family

Here, you become a part of the winning team. Keeping our Nordic roots close to our hearts, and with our core values in mind, we believe in bringing and cultivating together a diverse culture that enables everyone to perform at their highest potential. Work-life balance is in our DNA, and we believe that for one to truly excel, paired with a great mind and enthusiasm, a good night’s sleep and some getaways are just as essential.

For us, customers come first. Their success stories are one of the many reasons why we keep moving and continue striving for excellence. We help global leading organizations reach new heights and create more value out of their procurement data by transforming it into a measurable competitive advantage.

Bring Great Jobs to America

I’ve built the headquarters in Helsinki from scratch, and I was among the first few people who saw the vision came to life. Now I am back with the same challenge I had 11 years ago and faced with an opportunity to build and shape our Americas team in a start-up spirit. With the experience I had and the support from the fantastic team from Helsinki, I am confident I can do this again here in the land of opportunities. We are building a local team that will help twist our Finnish engineering minds and collaborate to deliver our message to a bigger audience. While many companies choose to outsource and find people outside the US, here we are, all the way from Finland, bringing jobs to US.

So if you have the guts, the drive, and the passion to exceed, give us a call. This is your opportunity to be part of a fast-growing company in shaping the future’s technology and working with the best-in-class global procurement organisations. And if that doesn’t entice you, how does having the possibility for Nordic vacations sound?

We are now ready to embark in this exciting journey. It will be one hell of a ride, we promise. Come join us. No need for a superhero cape. Just be yourself. Our continued success now rests on your shoulders. No pressure.

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