Announcing Procurement ❤️ Finance

With pride we can share today that our new book Procurement Loves Finance is out of print and ready to be enjoyed.

In summary: the book is about proving procurement’s contribution to finance with love and hard data.

You can download a free pdf-version here:

“It is expected for procurement to deliver the results of today, while contributing actively to the company strategy of tomorrow.”

True enough, this quote from the foreword author Christian Lindskov Alsø, Group Chief Procurement Officer at ISS World Services, hits the core of what the book is about.  Ensuring procurement contribution reaches the bottom line is one thing, but predicting and influencing future profitability is another.

It all started with an old little red PCF© Procurement Contribution to Financial Performance a few years back that may be not the most eye-catchy but proved rather popular as we shared about 8,000 copies. This new edition is bigger, better and bolder, and will definitely be a favourite. From the carefully-written and well-thought content from our domain experts to the stylish design and creative visualizations, we know this is worth your precious minutes.

Needless to say, this book is a culmination of more than a decade of procurement knowledge. The concepts presented go beyond theory, giving real life practical examples and calculations based on real-life customer cases to achieve more value through procurement analytics. But more than providing the key to realized savings, it provides a meaningful guide that addresses the emotional challenges and opportunities to help both procurement and finance succeed in their collaboration now, and also in the future. It is not enough to just get the best of today, but also get ready for tomorrow.

If you are a procurement professional, it is time to make a stand. Be the hero. Prove savings to finance and build your credibility to the whole organization. Let them know you are now a key driver for competitive advantage. This book is for you.

If you are from finance and wishes to understand more what procurement claims, you’ve come to the right place. Aim to uncover the full potential of procurement as a strategic lever for improved profitability. We’ve got your back, this is the perfect book.

Download it. Read it. We promise you it’s all worth it.

Link to free PDF-download: Procurement Loves Finance

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